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Introduction by The Chief Executive

When I launched New Vision Enterprises in 2003, I had a lot at stake. The decision to forego a lucrative career in investment banking or insurance was just one of them. I had set out to start a firm where the client would be the only cog in the wheel. where every decision, every suggestion, every move would centre around the client. Where the client would have a name which would be remembered, a family profile which would be understood, a risk taking ability which would be considered.

And even today in this world of targets, we do not have any targets to achieve. We do not have any deadlines to meet. We are in no race with anyone to mop up the highest number of insurance policies or have the largest assets under management. This firm always had, and still has, the conviction to tell our clients not to invest when the time is inappropriate. Perhaps that is why this family has grown much bigger and better than I ever anticipated. But then again, this is also because of the client….as is everything else…

Comprehensive Finance
Our Mission

We shall strive to offer unbiased, contemporary & client specific services.


Our Vision

To be known and recognized as a premier client-centric Firm.

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