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Retirement Planning

Increasing life expectancy rate, rising health care costs, absence of social security system in India are some of the key reasons that makes retirement planning very critical. Unfortunately, in India, especially in case of Private Sector Employees, not enough provisions are being made either by the employee or the employer to plan for the golden years.

At New Vision we believe that Retirement Planning is without doubt the most important decision that any investor has to make. The Retirement Plan must take into account five critical factors:


  1. The Risk Profile of the investor.
  2. Suitable Asset Allocation structure & re-balancing strategy.
  3. Time remaining in the accumulation stage i.e time till retirement.
  4. Life Expectancy.
  5. Assumed rate of inflation & expected return on investment (ROI).


At New Vision we believe in reasonable return assumptions & a carefully structured & balanced portfolio to achieve the financial goals of the client. Each client has a different risk profile & hence a different asset allocation. For illustrative purposes we can say that for a 35 year old investor the retirement portfolio can have 70% Equity, 25% Debt, 5% Gold. However, this might differ from investor to investor.


Last but not least, it is our firm belief, that designing the retirement portfolio is just the first part. It is MANAGING the retirement portfolio which is critical. Through use of judicious re-balancing techniques, making use of latest tools & up to date information, we keep the retirement portfolio of our clients relevant & cutting edge.



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