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Funding your child’s education is a hot topic today with the spiralling costs of higher education. Children are always asked what they want to be when they grow up. As a parent, you want to make sure nothing stands in their way, especially something like the ability to finance their education.


Stream/ Cost

Annual Cost 2015

Projected Annual Cost 2030


15 lacs

41 Lacs


20 Lacs

55 Lacs


Note: Assuming inflation @ 7%.


Sadly, in India, parents are being bombarded by highly expensive & inflexible insurance plans by banks, unscrupulous brokers whose sole purpose is to maximise their own commissions.


At New Vision we believe that Insurance is NOT an investment. Mutual Funds are truly a cost effective & flexible vehicle to plan for your child’s education. Out of many available Mutual Fund Schemes, HDFC Children’s Gift Fund & ICICI Prudential Child Care Plan are well known options.


As your financial planners we shall advise you regarding suitable vehicles to build a education corpus for your child using a judicious mix of Equity & Debt, depending upon the age of child.

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