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Commission Disclosures:

In compliance with SEBI circular SEBI/IMD/CIR No.4/168230/09 dated 30th June 2009 we are disclosing the commission receivable by us from various mutual funds as follows:


Scheme Type


Annual Trail

Liquid/ Liquid Plus Funds


0.05% - 0.50%

Short Term Income Funds


0.05% - 0.50%

Medium Term Bond /Income Funds


0.40% - 0.75%

Monthly Income Plans


0.75% - 1.05%



0.10% - 1.25%

Index Funds


00.10% - 0.5%

Equity/ Hybrid Equity/ Balance Funds


0.50% - 1.25%

In order to promote Long Term Investment & keeping in line with the view that unnecessary churning of clients portfolio is detrimental, we have active shifted to ‘all trail’ model (Nil upfront commission) of brokerage.

Transaction Charges:
New Vision Enterprises has Opted Out of transaction charges for all Mutual Fund schemes. Hence no transaction charges will be levied on purchases of any Mutual Fund products. Consequently, the respective Asset Management Companies (AMCs) will issue Mutual Fund units equivalent to the full subscription amount to the investors.

Disclaimer I:
The above information is provided on best effort basis as per brokerages we receive from various AMC’s. This data has been compiled from various brokerage statements & all efforts have been made to avoid human error. We have made an attempt to include all kinds of different Mutual fund Schemes we actively promote to investors.
Even though above information is correct as per our understanding, brokerages might slightly vary due to factors unknown to us & not in our control. We encourage the investors to do their own due diligence before investing.

Disclaimer II:
New Vision Enterprises is an AMFI Registered Mutual Fund Distributor. Our ARN-18557 is duly registered with AMFI to distribute various Mutual Fund Schemes. We have chosen NOT to get registered with SEBI as an Investment Advisor under its 2013 Investment Advisor Regulation. We have chosen to continue solely as a Mutual Fund Distributor & recommend & distribute Mutual Fund products.We are not Stock Brokers. We do not offer any advise/tips regarding stocks, futures & options (derivatives) etc.

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